Binu Kuruvilla

Binu KuruvillaBinu is Senior consultant at Neudesic leading Projects in AI.

Brian Kamery

Brian KameryBrian is a Mathematician by training, a Software Engineer by trade, and now an Agile Coach by choice. After 15 years of developing software, starting on the heels of the heavy-weight movement of the 1990's, Brian realized first-hand how a solid and dedicated Scrum team can significantly boost productivity and happiness. As an Agile Coach, Brian has worked with many non-software and non-technology teams, leading to an increased focus on the intent and purpose of the 4 Agile Values and 12 Principles.

Christina Liles

Christina LilesMarketing Manager, Event Planner, Coordinator, Improver

Christine Assaf

Christine AssafChristine Assaf is an experienced trainer who is passionate about encouraging others how to have difficult conversations and be better managers and employees. She is a management and HR professional who is Christine has over 12 years experience in human resources and 18 years in management. She holds a BS in Business Management, received her HR certification at LSU, and is currently in school seeking a masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Currently, Christine is employed as an HR Generalist at Waste Management. She is a certified DDI Trainer, experienced public speaker, and is dedicated to leadership development and coaching.

Claudio Lassala

Claudio LassalaClaudio is a Principal Consultant at Improving Houston. He has been developing software for 25+ years (FoxPro, .NET, Ruby on Rails). When not building software, consulting with clients, doing presentations, delivering training, or hanging out with his family, he can probably be found working on his music or riding his motorcycle. Check out his blog at

Dan Reed

Dan ReedDan is an enterprise agile coach with 30 years of experience in software project management in Oil and Gas. In addition to being an AKT, he has many other certifications such as PMP and SPC 4.

Agile Earth is a coaching, consulting, and training provider. While our background is in Oil and Gas software development, we can offer assistance and recommendations on any endeavor involving knowledge work.

Dan Sline

Dan SlineDan Sline is a Principal Consultant at Improving. He has been working for 25+ years in the IT industry in various capacities from starting as an intern for a major software company to architecting various finance, insurance, and oil and gas systems.

Daniel Scheufler

Daniel ScheuflerDaniel is a Senior Consultant at Improving Houston. He has developed software for Oil and Gas, Tele-medicine and recently ECommerce clients. Lately he's focusing on the communication aspects of his work. It is a common gag in Industry that Developers don't speak the same language as "normals". Daniel intends to bridge that gap. Checkout his blog at

David William Lewis

David William LewisDavid Lewis is an architect and engineer with 15 years of experience building and designing systems across multiple industries. He is a father of 6 and master of the dad joke.

Drew Shefman

Drew ShefmanDrew Shefman has been professionally developing interactive experiences since 1996. He is a software craftsman, agile evangelist, mentor, and scrum master. He has served as technical lead or architect on projects that have included virtual simulation training for the cell phone industry, performance testing engines for the airline industry, mission-critical high-volume order managing for the grocery industry, and video player development for high demand live streaming events, as well as dozens of other interactive experiences. He has been a technical trainer for over a decade, working with national training firms and video companies. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Houston since 2008, presenter at numerous conferences, and even a ballroom dance instructor. Relative to this topic, his house flooded in 2015 with 28", again in 2016 with 13" and finally -5" with Hurricane Harvey. (Yes that is negative 5 inches. Attend the presentation to discover how!)

Garo Yeriazarian

Garo YeriazarianBorn and raised in the ever-expanding Greater Houston Area, Garo has been messing with software for at least 27 years, writing it for money for about 15 years, talking about it for maybe 20 years, and loving every clock cycle of it. He has worked as *the* Software Whisperer for Baker Hughes, leading software teams, conducting design reviews, and coaching people on how put the 0's and 1's in a close enough order to make things work. More recently, he is a Principal Consultant (and Software Whisperer) at Headspring for the past year, making silky smooth software for industrial companies, coaching junior developers in how not to cause major outages in their first weeks on the job, and bringing mirth and merriment everywhere he goes.

Gene Lege

Gene LegeGene is an enterprise agile coach with over 15 years of experience in coaching scrum and kanban teams. He is an Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) as well as a holder of many other certifications (KMP, CSP, SPC 4,...) He has of 30 years of experience in software development for the Oil and Gas Industry (Landmark Graphics.)

Agile Earth is a coaching, consulting, and training provider. While our background is in Oil and Gas software development, we can offer assistance and recommendations on any endeavor involving knowledge work.

Harold Pulcher

Harold PulcherHarold Pulcher is a Microsoft MVP, co-ambassador for, developer, network engineer, magician, woodworker, and part time grease monkey. He has over 25 years of experience working in Information Technology. During that time he has done everything from running network cable, setting up various companies infrastructure from the absolute bare metal, and building line of business software for many of those companies. As passionate as he is about technology, you might happen to see him checking his air reserve while at a depth of 60 feet, cooking up a mean “free-range” fruit cake, doing pre-show table magic at the improv, or making a nice piece of wood into a lot of sawdust so my wife will have potting bench for her plants.

J Sawyer

J SawyerPrincipal Consultant at Catapult Systems

Jake Stevenson

Jake StevensonJake Stevenson has been a technologist for over 20 years and an Improver for 5. He spends most of his professional time working with others to improve their software delivery practices and build the teams and software that grow their business.

James Del Monte

James Del MonteJames founded JDA Professional Services, a recruiting firm specializing in the IT industry. He is a Certified Employee Retention Specialist and Certified Personnel Consultant. He's a past member of the board of TAS (Texas Assoc. Staffing) and is past president of TAPC (Texas Assoc. Personnel Consultants) and TechServe Alliance. James speaks regularly at local colleges, trade groups, and job ministries, and is quoted as a subject matter expert for the staffing industry. As part of his commitment to the community he serves on several advisory boards of local educational institutions, and provides scholarships for MIS students.

Jane Prusakova

Jane PrusakovaI am a software architect and developer, an Agile proponent, and a great believer in building valuable software that users will love to use. I build large back-end systems that require high-performance and high-reliability, and process vast amounts of data. I believe that successful software is created by strong teams, requires good engineering practices, and evolves in close collaboration with the users.

As a software architect and developer lead, I work with distributed teams on distributed software. As a team, we focus on technical excellence, close contact with the business, and rapid iterations.

Jason Awbrey

Jason AwbreyJason is a Microsoft MVP and Xamarin MVP based in Houston. He runs his own one-man development shop, PostDotNet Consulting, specializing in Xamarin consulting, training, and development. In his spare time he runs the Houston Xamarin Users Group and is a Board Member of Habitat for Humanity of Northwest Harris County. He lives in Spring with his wife and three kids.

John C Eldridge

John C EldridgeIT professional with extensive experience in software development projects, architecture design, and operational planning. Experience as a Director of product development and as the Chief Architect in a successful technology company. Passionate about leveraging the cloud and emerging technologies such as Blockchain / Kubernetes to provide tangible business value. AWS Professional Architect Microsoft Solutions Expert: Architecture & Dev Ops Past Speaker at local events an major tech conferences such as Tech Ed and MIX

John Cavnar-Johnson

John Cavnar-JohnsonJohn has been coloring outside the lines in the IT industry for longer than most software developers have been alive (at least if you believe the Stack Overflow Survey about the median age of developers). Currently he works as a Principal Consultant for Improving in Houston, Texas. He loves to read stories, old and new. He also loves to help folks create their own new stories with words and code.

John Paul Cook

John Paul CookJohn Paul Cook is a psychiatric nurse practitioner and a clinical instructor of psychiatric nursing at the UTHealth Cizik School of Nursing. He worked for Microsoft as an Azure and data platform specialist until 2017. Prior to that, he was a Microsoft MVP for 9 consecutive years.

Marcus Erickson

Marcus EricksonnMarcus Erickson has been active in Houston development for over 30 years. He has been involved in creating successful startups as well as managing large organizations spanning the globe. He is currently Senior Director of Development at Campus Management working to deliver top campus management software in the cloud using C# and AngularJS. Over the years he has experienced development both from a hands on role and leadership role as well as working in product management.

Mark Reynolds

Mark ReynoldsMark has been developing operations-centric solutions, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and Surveillance Systems. Mark's experience includes addressing challenges in Operations Technology, Information Technology, and Knowledge Engineering. Recently he has been a contributing leader in public forums as an Applied System Engineer and Machine Learning Architect. Mark is a contributing author for energy industry and computer science magazines, and speaker at industry conferences. In his spare time, he is Professor of Computer Science at Lone Star College.

Michael L Perry

Michael L PerryMichael travels through space clinging to the carbon hull of a spherical ship made of molten iron. He commands an army of microorganisms which decompose the molecules that he captures to provide chemical energy for his cells. His mission is to increase entropy throughout the universe.

In his spare time, Michael records Pluralsight courses on CQRS, XAML Patterns, Cryptography, and Provable Code. Formerly a Microsoft MVP for seven years. He maintains the spoon-bending Assisticant, Correspondence, and Jinaga open-source libraries. He shared videos about distributed systems at And he helps his clients at Improving benefit from the power of software mathematics.

Software is math. Every class is a theorem. The compiler is the proof. And unit tests check our work.

Mohammad Azam

Mohammad AzamMohammad Azam is an iOS developer and instructor. He has been developing iOS applications since 2010. He has served as a lead developer for many fortune 500 companies including Home Depot,, AIG, Valic, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes. At present I am working as a lead instructor at DigitalCrafts.

Nhan Nguyen

Nhan NguyenI'm a Senior Consultant at Improving. I have many years of software testing and I lead a Houston Software QA user group. On my free time, I like to travel, read/listen books, and be a thoughtful thinker in the software testing space.

Paul DeCarlo

Paul DeCarloPaul DeCarlo is a Microsoft Cloud Advocate and Professor for the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston. His current technology interests focus on Internet of Things, Cloud Applications, and Cross-Platform mobile app development. He keeps a steady supply of video games, provided by sixteen retro game consoles connected via A/V switch to a 29’ Sony Trinitron CRT television and has been known to perform as lead vocalist in Houston's Tool Tribute Band - Spiral Out. During time off, he enjoys taking care of his thirteen trees, riding mountain bikes, and taking care of his dog – Chief and cat - Kitty.

Rafael de la Cruz

Rafael de la CruzRafael De La Cruz is an Information Technology professional with over 25 years of experience in the IT field. The last 12 Years deeply working in SharePoint (Architect / Development), Cloud and related technologies. He started speaking in conferences more than 10 years ago as a way to share his knowledge with others.

Robbie Adair

Robbie AdairRobbie Adair, CEO of Media A-team since 2002, specializes in web and media applications and strategies for clients. She also provides custom training and consulting for client in both 1-on-1 and group training. She speaks at many tech conferences around the world about topics such as Web Development, Website Application Development, AR, Social Media, and more. Visit or to learn more.

Robert Stewart

Robert StewartRobert Stewart recently started a new adventure by starting the company Your BI Team, LLC. He had been working for Texas Dow Employees Credit Union (TDECU) for the past 5 years. He was the acting Manager of their BI practice. His past experience is varied including manufacturing, oil and gas, loan servicing, and process automation. He started the journey with SQL Server when Microsoft and Sybase split it out as a different product in 1994. Robert is a regular speaker at Techfest Houston and SQL Saturday in Houston. He is also the co-leader of a user group call Database and GUI Design (DBGUIDESIGN.COM). He was introduced to data warehousing by an ex-employee of Kimball's company, Red Brick.

Ron Dagdag

Ron DagdagRon Dagdag is a Senior Software Engineer with over 18 years of experience working on a number of business applications using a diverse set of frameworks and languages. He currently support developers at Crestron Electronics with their IoT, Cloud and Voice AI Assistant development. On the side, Ron Dagdag is an active participant in the community as a Microsoft MVP, speaker, maker and blogger. He is passionate about Augmented Intelligence, studying the convergence of Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, Machine Learning and

Internet of Things. @rondagdag

Todd Little

Todd LittleTodd Little is CEO at Kanban University, the leading provider of professional Kanban management training. He is also a Founder at Accelinnova, a leadership and agility consulting group. Previously he has held executive roles as Vice President of Product Development for IHS, and Director of Software and Technology for Landmark Graphics a division of Halliburton.He has been developing or leading the development of software for over 35 years.

For the past 10+ years, Todd has been a frequent presenter at Agile and Software conferences around the globe. He is a founding member and past President of the Agile Leadership Network. He has served on the Board of Directors of both the Agile Alliance and the Agile Leadership Network, and was a co-founder and Conference chair for several of the Agile20XX conferences.

Todd is a co-author of the book "Stand Back and Deliver: Accelerating Business Agility", Addison Wesley.

Valentino Moreign

Valentino MoreignIncubation Labs at Hybrid Decisions® Corp (HDC®)

Anthony {Tex} Moreign

Anthony {Tex} Moreign{Tex} {Founder:Advisor:Speaker:Technologist} «±»

William Assaf

William AssafWilliam Assaf, MCSE, is a principal consultant and DBA Manager in Baton Rouge, LA. Initially a .NET developer, and later into database administration and architecture, William currently works with clients on SQL Server and Azure SQL platform optimization, management, disaster recovery and high availability, and manages a crack multi-city team of SQL DBA's at Sparkhound. William has written for Microsoft SQL Certification exams since 2011 and was the lead author of "SQL Server 2017 Administration Inside Out" by Microsoft Press, its second edition due out in 2019. William is a member of the Baton Rouge User Groups Board, a regional mentor for PASS, and head of the annual SQLSaturday Baton Rouge Planning Committee.